Thai lesson at your place

We have the course which a teacher visit your place.(home or your house) It is a popular course among the customer who do not live near the school ,who do not have time to comese to the school. There are two types,one is private lesson. This lesson can be chosen by student's convenience.A private lesson is recommended to attend the lesson on favorite time and a favorite day of the week. If you would like to change your scedule ,you can change your scedule along with your business.(Please,contact us untill 17 o'clock before the day lesson) We also have Japanese course,all of teachers are native speaker.Please contact us by feel free anytime.

Basic and Thai conversations

Good morning, hello, Good afternoon, Good evening that can do all of the one word of "SAWAS Dee (K)"This word is very convenience word.The ending of a word (k) of a Thai conversation is different in man's expression and woman's expression.For male ,it need to say "KRUP".For female,it need to say "KA".Moreover,if you would like to say I am KEN,
for male "PHOM CHUU KEN.If you would like to say I am Nancy,for female "DICHAN CHUU NANCY.When you would like to say "how are you? "in thai language,you can say "SABAI DEE MAI?" We often use this words for greeting.So now you can say hello,my name is Ken how are you? in Thai language "SAWAS DEE KRUB,PHOM CHUU KEN SABAI DEE MAI?"When you meet Thai person,you can use this word at first.

Thai language courses

We have many Thai language courses. For students who want to study more than 6 months, we recommend a 1 year Student visa course (ED visa course).The students who don't want a Student visa; we recommend Thai private and group lesson. The Private Thai language course is the most flexible class as you can make your own class schedule and study one to one with a Thai teacher .When you take private lesson, you could take lesson anytime from 9am to 9pm. In addition, if you want to change your lesson schedule, you could change your time at your most convenient. When applying for 2 people, you will get a discount for 20%. We also offer group lesson every month, just 70 Baht per lesson.

Student visa for learning Thai language

We offer Thai language group lesson, and private lesson for 1 year student visa. Our school is accredited by the Ministry of Education. After you get Student visa, you do not need to go outside Thailand for extending visa. It takes time about 5 - 8 weeks to complete documents. Once you receive the documents, you have to go outside Thailand for applying Student visa. After you get Student visa you can stay Thailand about a year, but you need to go to the Immigration office every 3 months for extending Student visa.


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