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Thailand is the one of the biggest countries which is famous for its tourism and beautiful nature. However, many Thai people need help from others for their living and housing. If you want to do something precious and valuable during your journey, why don't you join to habitat in Thailand?

Thailand is also well-known for its medical tourism. Every year many foreigners are visiting Thailand to get medical care from cancer to plastic surgery. Thai medical standard is very high and most of doctors are fluent in English as well as third language such as Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic.

You might know that Hollywood star Angelina Jolie got a religious tattoo in Thailand. In Thailand there are many professional tattoo artists and their skill is world class. So if you are planning to get a tattoo soon, it's a chance to get one from Thailand.

If you are in Thailand, you might encounter many strange things you never experienced before. Actually every culture has their unique customs and food, and some of them are hard to be understood by foreigners before they know how the culture formed up.

Pattaya has been very famous destination for tourists. And if you have been to Pattaya, you should have noticed that a big guitar sign alongside of Pattaya beach. It is a symbol of Hard Rock Resort in Pattaya.


Activities in Thailand一覧