Pattaya has been very famous destination for tourists. And if you have been to Pattaya, you should have noticed that a big guitar sign alongside of Pattaya beach. It is a symbol of Hard Rock Resort in Pattaya.

As Hard Rock Cafe is well-known internationally, its resort is also very well-known for tourist. There are many pictures and instruments which previous rock starts used, and they also have a well-equipped swimming pool.

On Saturday night, they hold a party called "Beach Foam X'Party" at the swimming pool. And you would not want to miss it!!!! Even though you do not stay in Hard Rock resort, you can pay entrance for the party and enjoy it. The our door pool will be full of foam, and people are having party in the foam.

Moreover, this swimming pool is located to the beach side, so it is very unusual experience for everyone!!!

Tip: if you are not staying in Hard Rock, you should bring extra clothes to change.


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