In every November 12th, originally 12th month of Thai traditional calendar, there is a festival called "Loy Krathong" in Thailand. As Thai people likes to wish something for their God or asking for forgivesness, on this day, they also wish something, but the way to wish is very unique and it becomes a tourist attraction recently.

Loy Krathong means floating decorated banana leaf.

In the central part of Thailand, they float a flower-decorated banana leaf, raft, recently changed to raft due to inviroment problem, with a candle to the river. Thai people believe that floating a raft to the river shows the respect to the Goddess of Water and also they do it to aplolgize to the Goddess of the Water for the bad thing they have done to the river during the past year. This is why it is celebrated at the end of the year. There will be fire works to celebrate this day, and Goverment departs make beautiful rafts and sometimes it becomes as contest.

In the northern part of Thailand, people celebrate smae festival but called as "Kom Loi". They make a thin fabric and let the air to be inside to make as air balloon, then they put a candle in the center of bottom and float it the sky. They believe their air balloon will reach the God in the sky, and also they celebrate 12th month as well.

Both of them become as famous festival to attract people in local and abroad, and you should not miss this festival if you visit Thailand in November!


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