During Sukhothai period, the recent Buddha image was mostly established.
They emphasised on the spiritual asepct than anatomical details. From then the Buddha images are made by metal than carving stone.
Also the walking Buddha image was introduced this period.

There are some significant following of making Buddha images in this period, and the those following are from ancient Pali texts. Until now some artists are following these texts.

* skin so smooth that dust cannot stick
* legs like a deer
* thighs like a banyan tree
* shoulders massive as an elephant's head
* arms round like an elephant's trunk, and long enough to touch the knees
* hands like lotuses about to bloom
* fingertips turned back like petals
* head like an egg
* hair like scorpion stingers
* chin like a mango stone
* nose like a parrot's beak
* earlobes lengthened by the earrings of royalty
* eyelashes like a cow's
* eyebrows like drawn bows


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