On Wednesday, two images are displayed since Wednesday evening has special meaning in Thailand. In the day time on Wednesday, standing Buddha with holding an alms bowl is displayed and in the evening retreat forest image is displayed.

The Buddha image of Wednesday is holding an alms bowl. After four years in his ministry, Buddha journeyed to visit his father, younger brother and son. His father was appalled when Buddha "begged" for food holding an alms bowl. Buddha calmed his father informing him that the lineage of Buddhas was to perform pindabat, (Paang Oombaat) that is, to be available to followers who devotedly bring food. Still today, the virtue of giving is strong among Buddhist followers. So holing an alms symbolizes the first morning after visiting his father at Kapilavastu. In the morning the Buddha went out to receive alms in the city.

For Wednesday evening, other image, called "Retreat in the Forest " is displayed. When Buddha sought solitude to meditate undisturbed, the animals of the forest brought him sustenance. Thus it is usual to see in a temple garden, a seated Buddha image with an elephant offering a bowl of fruit and an approaching monkey offering a honeycomb.


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