Any tourist coming to Thailand will be familiar with the term 'lady boy'. They have been called Thailand's third sex, as it does seem that there is an extraordinary number of them here.

As there are many lady boys in Thailand, to entertain people and to help lady boys to have good income, there are some fascinating lady boy shows which attract many people.

Most of the performers have had breast implant surgery, and are saving for the 'final curtain' on their manhood. Some shows won't allow them to perform after they've become women, as they won't technically be lady boys anymore. This rule, however, is not strictly enforced - especially if a performer is a hot favorite with the audience. As a result, Bangkok boasts some of the most famous and fabulous lady boy shows in the world. These cabaret-like shows pay tribute to the cr-me de la cr-me of the female persona; from Hollywood glam and disco diva to mythical creatures and legends of the Orient, in shows that feature spectacular extravaganza-type sets and costumes. To add some fun, comedy skits are normally thrown in too.

These fascinating and highly artistic performers captivate audiences with their charm, unique creativity and flawless female impersonations. A lady boy show promises an evening of polished and most enjoyable entertainment for the whole family.


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