If you want to experience the most Thai culture in a short time and in one area, Rose Garden is the right place for you. It sounds like it's "Rose" garden, but it's a big resort and tourist place where you can experience most Thai culture.

About an hour from Bangkok, near to floating market "Damnoen Saduak", there is the Rose Garden. It's being recently renowned by their Thai Village Cultural Show.

This show is showing most Thai interests such as Thai Martial Arts, Thai Wedding Ceremony and so many dances and ceremonies.

The Monkhood: In Thailand, young men usually spend a period of time in the Buddhist Monkhood. To mark a young novice's entry into the monk-hood, the Buat Naag ritual consisting of a traditional procession followed by the ordination ceremony is performed.

The Fingernail Dance: The Fingernail Dance is a graceful dance which originated from the North of Thailand. It is usually performed as a gesture of greeting and welcome.

Dance From The North East: A mixture of North Eastern dances which collectively and symbolically express greetings and good luck.

Bamboo Dance: Another North Thailand dance, which is usually performed during the the full moon. It requires great skill, practice and timing. Even a small slip can be very painful.

Kala Dance: The Kala Dance comes from the southern part of Thailand. The dance features coconut shells and reflects the importance of coconuts in everyday village life.

Yoey Dance: From the Central Plains of Thailand. This is a dance of flirtation and fun.

Elephants at Work: see how elephants work in teak forests and you will enjoy riding on them.

The above is the list of dancing which are going to be shown in the show, and indeed, people enjoy this show and place a lot!


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