Polo is quite famous sport among british culture influenced countries. However, have you heard of Elephant Polo Tournament? In Thailand it is held anually in every March.

This tournament is called "the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament" The size of this tournament is getting bigger, and it lasts normally for 3 days (2 days for practice, and 1 day for tournament) In 2009, there are 12 teams from 4 continents, 40 players from at least 15 countries.

Since the elephant camp is located around Golden Triangle, it is normally held in Chiang Rai. During the tournament, there will be ambulance for elephant and doctor for elephant as well. The entrance fee is free, and it's fun to watch elephant polo.

The rule is similar to normal polo, but there are some more rules and handcaps for professional horse polo player.

Additionally there are some elephant specific rules:

• Any team with 3 elephants in one half of the pitch is judged to have committed a foul.
• No more than 2 elephants may be in the D at one time - one from the attacking team and one from the defending team.
• There are no restrictions as to the height, weight or sex of the elephants.

It is very unusual event and you should not miss it :)


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