In the southern and nothern Thailand, there are many villages which we can even think of. Their tradition is very unique and the way they live is also very unique, too. As there are many beaches and bays in the southern Thailand, there are fishing village on island near to Phang-nag.

On the Koh Panyi, near to Phang-nga town, there is village. What makes this village unique is that how they build their houses and their living style. They build stilts and build house on these stilts. Around 120 families are living in this village, and most of them are Muslim. There town look very unique and make people wonder if people can really live on the house built on cement-polls.

In the certain time, they play Muslim prayers and most of the villagers are selling fish sauce, dried prawns, and salty shrimp. There are also some restaurants which attract tourist to have fresh seafood.


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