Wat Phra Thong is located in middle of Phuket island but due to its inconvenience to visit, not many tourists visit here. For Thais, however, this temple is quite famous and many of them are visiting this temple when they come to Phuket.

This temple is well-known for its Buddha image which is shown only upper half above the ground. There is a legend of this Buddha image and according to this legend, people believe this golden Buddha image has strong power.

The legend is about a boy who tied his buffalo to mud cover Buddha image. The boy didn't know it was Buddha image, and next day both boy and buffalo suddenly died. The people in the town went the place where he tied his buffalo and washed the mud. Finally they figured out its the golden Buddha image. Some people tried to dig out, but some of them got hurt except those who prayed before they started.

Chinese believe that the golden Buddha is from China so many of them also visit here and every Chinese new year's day, they have a ceremony in this temple as well.


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