In China town, there is a temple called "Wat Traimit". At the fist glance, it seems like there is nothing special with this temple beside it is in China town. However, if you know about the Buddha image in this temple, you will be greatly surprised.

This temple's called as also "Temple of the Golden Buddha." Indeed, the Buddha iamge of this temple is made by gold. It's not just gold covered, but made by gold. The Golden Buddha is 3.98 m high and 3.13 m wide from knee to knee. It's cast in solid gold weighing 5.5 tons.

This Buddha image is a great example of Sukhothai style that is still much in favor to this day.

This Buddha image has very unusual history, and this story attracts people more as well.

It was abandoned in Ayutthaya until Chakri Kings encouraged the recovery of Buddha images from Ayutthya. When it was moved to Bangkok it was covered by brown clay and it was installed in Wat Phraya Krai near to Taksin Bridge. However somehow the temple was abandoned in 1931. In 1955, the temple had to be vacated, so one of tow Buddha statues where was to be installed in Wat Traimit.

When the image was being prepared for its move, some of the plaster was chipped off, revealing the gold underneath. Bits of the plaster can be seen in a case to the left of the statue.

They found out the date of the status Sukhotai period in the 12th to 13th centories, and it was covered by clay to protect it from Burmese.

Today hundreds of devotees visit the temple daily to pay homage and pray at the feet of the Golden Buddha.


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