Pattaya was introduced in one of previous articles, however there are some more things you can enjoy in Pattaya besides its beach.

Pattaya is well-known for its tourism, however in the dark side, it is also famous for its prostitution as well as a-go-go bars. Many prostitutes are around and working at A-go-go. They are called as "rented wife" by Thai people, since they are doing some kind of duty of wives with their customers. They take them around Pattaya, and bargain for them.

By the way, here is dark side of Pattaya not recommended for family tourists, which is Walking Street. There are actually many restaurants and many shops as well, but mostly are a-go-go bars. If you are interested in any dark side of Thailand or night life, it would be a good chance to look around. You might get culture shock or enjoy it.


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