On the way to go to Bang-Saen beach, there is a hill you can look over the sea. Its name is Sam Muk hill, but for many people it's known as monkey hill.

There are many wild monkeys waiting for people to feed them. On the top of the hill some fruit sellers are selling fruit for monkey, so it's very fun to do. But you should be careful with aggressive monkeys, they sometimes take of your belongings and attack your fruit basket.

There is also a shrine called "Chao Mae Chao Sam Muk", is believed to commemorate an 18th century Chinese girl who threw herself from the cliff after her parents refused to give their permission for her to marry her lover. The girl is now considered a goddess. Another legend says the hill was once a 'lover's leap' where a couple killed themselves after vowing their eternal love. Still another folk tale says that the shrine honors the memory of a fisherman's wife who waited atop the hill for her husband who was lost at sea.

Many Thai-Chinese people like to visit the shrine to fly kites to honor the magical spirit said to dwell at the site, and to pray for good fortune and prosperity.


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