If you are water sports lover, there is one beach you shouldn't miss in central Thailand. Jomtiem beach is famous among the sufferers and water sports lovers.

The wave is nice and it's uncrowded, so it's best place to enjoy whatever you want to play.
Compared to the congested, unhygienic waterfront of nearby Pattaya, Jomtien beach is a haven of peaceful enjoyment of the seashore. In recent years a number of beachside hotels, bungalow complexes and restaurants have been built to accommodate the increasing numbers of tourists, many of them family vacationers.

With the nighttime delights of Pattaya Beach located just a few km to the north (a ten baht sonthaew ride), Jomtien attracts people who want to swim, water ski or parasail in waters that are less polluted, while still having access to the sophisticated attractions of its more famous neighbor. It has also become a major residential area for retirees and others looking for a more laid back, less frenetic beachside home.


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