Nightlife in Thailand一覧

Pat Pong is quite well-known for their sexual shows and bars. Indeed, if you work through these short streets, you will feel like you have own sin. However, beside of sexual shows and bars, there are also many things to enjoy.

Even though sometimes they call themselves as club, it's more likely jazz bar. This is located in the same soi with muse and Funky villa and other trendy clubs.

Do you want to go to most trendy club in Bangkok? If so, you should not miss any single club on Ekamai road. Those clubs are very nice and up-to-date interior and their music is also very nice.

There is another biggest clubbing area in Bangkok which is Sukhumvit. In there, there are many clubs has unique circumstance. Bed Supperclub is one of them you can notice from the distance.

Bricks is a club located in Kaosarn. Most customers are Thai youngsteres and the band play Thai songs. However, if you want to feel the lively party with Thai people, you'd better to visit Bricks then ther clubs in Kaosarn.