Erawan Shrine is located in the center of Bangkok where many department stores and hotels are gathering. The smoke from this shrine seems like never stop and you can see many people are praying to this shrine.

This Shrine is located by the Grant Hyatt Erawan Hotel on Ratchadamri Road. This is built to eliminate the bad karma, because the hotel foundation date was wrongly chosen. Since there were many problems of consturcting this hotel, an astrologet advised to build the shrine to counter the negative spirits. Since then Brahma statue, a God from Hinduism, was designed and put in the shrine. From then, nothing happened to delay the consturction.

Until now many people are parying for their wishes. However, once the wish comes true, they have to return something back to the Shrine. There are some traditional dancers at the Shrine, so some people pay for them to dance for God to pay back and to show thanks.

It is one of the most famous tourism attraction in Bangkok, you can see the multicultural Thailand, indeed.


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