As you walk down the downtown of Bangkok, you might notice that Thailand is not only influenced by Buddhism but also Hinduism. Indeed, Thai culture are somewhat mixed various religions from Buddhism to Hinduism and even Islamism.

The influence of Hinduism can easily found everywhere. The famous Thai epic "Ramakien" is actually based on "Ramayana" which is attributed to the Hindu that explains many Gods and Godnesses in Hinduism. Also the ancient city name "Ayutthaya" is named after "Ayodhya" where Rama, one of Gods in Hindu, was born. Moreover, there are many Hindu shrines throughout Thailand where people worshiping for. Even the symbol of monarchy is related to Hinduism and the Giant Swing is also one of the influence from Hinduism.

There are many more Hinduism-related culture in Thailand. Thai people are not against each other religion but they try to understand and accept them as one of their culture. This harmonic movement makes Thailand as multicultural country.


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