As like the other countries in Asia, rice is a staple grain of Thai cuisine. The highly prized, sweet-smelling jasmine rice is indigenous to Thailand.

There are some types of cooking rice in Thailand.

The most common is steamed rice which is accompanied by highly aromatic curries, stir-fries and other dishes. Sometimes lemon grass or lime juice are added to steamed rice.

Sticky rice is a unique variety of rice that contains an unusual balance of the starches present in all rice, causing it to cook up to a sticky texture. It is mostly accompanied by chicken or sweet Thai dessert.

Fried rice can always easily be found everywhere in Thailand. It's fried with normally egg, and people put some meat like pork, beef, chicken or sometimes shrimp, too.

The list below is the rice varieties in Thailand, and you can see those everywhere those.

Jasmine rice
White rice
White Glutinous rice
Black Glutinous rice
Red Cargo rice
Brown rice


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