Thailand is beautiful country, indeed, there are lots of forest, breathtaking beaches, islands. Many things to observe and many place to go.

But how can we go to there?

1. We can take tour course from tourism company. They offer every single transportation and manage the program. Very time saving and sometimes cheaper than traveling by yourself but there are some inconvenience things such as you cannot visit the place you want to go if it's out of the course.

2. You can arrange your trip by yourself. From transportation to accommodation, you can choose decide how you will get there and where you will stay and go. This might take lots of time for you, but very flexible and don't need to worry about other members in the group.

There are many trains depart from the station also buses. If it is a short distance like Huahin or Pattaya, there are some mini vans are going there around Victory monument. One way tickets are about 150 Baht and has wide range time tables. Also you can hire a taxi or rent a car, but those will cost you more than other transportation, but will be very convenient at site.


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