Actually Thailand is not convenience to travel around with public transportation. Even though there are one line of undergraound and two lines of sky train, it cannot reach to everywhere and specially none of them reach to the palace.

Since then, it is more flexible and convenient to get on the taxi or bus. Taxi is very usual and the way to take taxi is same in anywhere else. except sometimes the refuse to go.

However for foreigners taking bus does matter. There are many kind of bus and the fare is also various, from free to 30 or more.

In the case of common bus, there is no fare box to collect. Once, however, you get on the bus, there will be a person who is going around in the bus and collecting the fare person by person. So you tell the person your destination, then the person will tell you your fare to pay. If you pay for the fare, the person is going to give you a small piece of paper as a ticket. Ans when you get off, push the button a stop before then get off. Be careful!!! Some furious bus driver will drive away even before you are fully got off!!!

In mini bus case, it's more complicated.
You need to read the sign. But mostly you might go to sky train, so look for a sign "BTS" Sometimes if the bus is full, the seats are limited, it does not stop at the station and just passes by. Once you get on the bus, you look for a seat and sit if there is no seat, you cannot get on the bus. Then when your stop is next, you need to speak out the you are getting off at next stop. When you get off, you tell the driver where you get on the bus and the driver will tell you how much you need to pay for fare.


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