Throughout Thailand, there are many convenient stores. Those are located in every block or tow in same block and they sell various things from drink to flip-flop. Using convenient store is not that different from other countries, but there are still some interesting to see.

Thai convenience stores sell most of everything same as other countries', there are drink dispenser, and magazines. However what makes it different from other countries is their services.

You can recharge your cellphone, if it is prepaid, and also pay for your bill. And whatever you buy they are going to give you some disposable utensil for each product. If you buy a bottled drink, they will provide you a straw, and if you buy a yogurt, they are going to give you spoon. Moreover, even though you buy a single small thing, they will give you plastic bag.

Also if you buy some frozen food, they will microwave it for you, and if you want to order any hot-dog or sandwich in there, they will make it for you at place.


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