Watching movie is always interesting, and nation widely Thai theater is very well-equipped. As Thailand is known for the best destination for backpackers, there are many movie which provide English subtitle as well for Thai movie.

In most movie theater, especially theater name "Major" it will be noticed that a few screens are reserved with brand name. It means it offers only premium seats for that screen.

The price of premium seat is 700 Baht which is almost 7 times more expensive than usual price. It could be expensive for most of locals, but compare to the service they provide, it it very reasonable price.

First, they have their own box office to take a ticket. So people who wants to take premium seat does not need to wait for in a long queue.

Second, they have their own lounge to wait for movie. In the lounge there are snack include sandwich to drinks and it's like "all you can eat"

Third, before the movie starts the clerk will take your order for popcorn, of course it's free, and they will take your popcorn to your seat.

Fourth, the seat is 180 degree folded, and they will provide you a blanket.

Their tickets look like a boarding pass for flight ticket, and the services is extremely nice.

If you are visiting Thailand and if you have any movie you would like to watch, it would be a good experience to take a chance to be VIP :)


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