Many people think Weather in Thailand is just "HOT" Indeed, it is. However, did you know that they have season to call as "winter"? and many northern Thais need warm blanket during this season?

To be honest the weather in Thailand is very unpredictable. A moment ago, it pours rain like cats aand dogs then a few minites later, it will be extremely hot again. However, if you see the big picture for the Thai weather, it could be divided into 3 seasons.

Summer - Usually between April to June
Rainy season - Between July to October
Winter - November to March

In the summer, it will be really hot and kind of dry as well since there will be raining hardly. But in winter season, the temperature in down a bit and the cool breeze the blowing.

Most people prefer to come to Thailand during winter season to avode hot weather, but it depends on personal preferance.

Just it would be a good idea to bring an umbrella all the time in case of raining and to block the strong sun shine.


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