Nationa widely, most Thai people believe Buddhism. Since then, Buddhist temples ad monks are higly respected by others. There are some strict rules and etuquette which foreigners also should follow.

When you visit temple, you should dres properly. You might think you already dressed up well, but for them it might not.

If you are a woman, shouldn'y wear sleeveless shirts and shorts (short skirt as well). Sometimes temples may require to wear a proper shoes, not a flip-flop.

If you are a man, shouldn't wear sleeveless shirts and not to be topless, either. As like woman case, they might require you to wear proper shoes and sometimes wearing socks as well.

If you want to show the respect to the Buddha image, you can buy flowers from outside of temple. Then enter the temple with taking off shoes, and do not make loud sound or speak loud. Do not touch the status inside, and you can put the flowers front of the Buddha image inside.

You should keep in mind that Buddhist monk cannot touch women. They will refuse woman handing offers as well. Since they have to avode the temtation, they cannot touch women or get something from women directly. If you want to give something to them, hand the thing to man around you, and then the man can hand it to the monk.

On the train, boat, and bus as well, there are seats which reserved for monk. Those seats are near to the door, and if you are sitting in there, you should offer the seat to the monk when they get on the transportation.

Do not take a picture of monks without asking, most of them are not willing to be taken even though they do not say anything.


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