As other cultures have house warming party, so do Thais. However, the concept of house warming in Thailand is quite different from other culture. It is very religious, and serious.

In Thai culture, there is day for unfortunate to move in, so the unfortunate days must be found. With avoiding these days, the furniture are move in.

At the auspicious hour the owner and the family enter the new house carrying their personal Buddha images, some food and some money. The Buddha must face either East ot North, and it is placed at home for permanently. To formalize the act of "moving-in" the housewife prepares the meal after, then some money is brought in order to ensure future prosperity.

Then now the house warming ceremony is held a few days later. Normally 9 monks are invited. Before the monks arrive, the white thread will have been draped completely round the compound to keep out evil spirits and consecrate everything inside it.

the monks would sit on prepared cushions round the wall, the senior monk on the right. Candles arel it, and the ball of white thread is passed from one monk to next, each holding the thread between the palms of the hands in the "wai" position.

About an hour the monks chant. Afterward the house-owner offers them food. Later everyone kneels in turn before the senior monk, who sprinkles holy water on their heads. One final important rite remains. As the monks prepare to leave, the senior monk anoints every door in the house, and especially the front door, with seven or nine spots of white paste. With that, the ceremony is at an end. After the house has been inuse for some time, the owner may choose to put up a miniature spirit house in a corner of the compound, where the chao tee or spirit of the land may live.


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