People might notice the beautiful waving temple point whenever they visit temple in Thailand. For the most important building of the temple, people hold a ceremony for this point roof decoration.

In a Thai temple, the "BOT" is the finest building where monks are assembled for religious rites such as morning and evening prayers, ordination. It is the most sacred part of the temple.

For the installation of a "CHO FA" on a temple roof, there is a specific Buddhist ceremony. This ceremony is called "YOK CHO FA". On that day, Thai people come to the temple to make money donations. Some families bring a money tree.

The roof of "Bot" is often made of red tiles. Since the odd number are considered as lucky number, the number of stack od the roofs are always add.

People add colorful ribbons around the "CHO FA" and make a Thai greeting. They bless the carved apex by sprinkling lustral water on it. Then Thai people gather in the temple around the monks in order to listen to the Dharma.

Once the Buddhist sermon is over and the temple abbot has hit the gong, the "CHO FA" is brought from the ground to the sky thanks to a pulley mechanism.

Once it reaches the roof, the "CHO FA" is fixed to the gable of the temple. The colorful and sacred ribbons are removed and thrown away. Thai people try to get the falling sacred ribbons.


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