In Thailand, when you meet your friend, they will ask you first "Kin khaw yang?" which means "have you eaten meal?" Meal times are like a social event in Thailand, so they often ask you this question more than "how are you?"

The traditional way to eat Thai food is to have several dishes on the table and a large amount of rice.

Each person will have a bowl of rice and instead of just one set dish as we do in the west, Thais will take a little of everything. On each dish there will be a spoon to share food, so you can use this spoon to take some amount of food to your own plate.

For rice, normally, Thai people do not put more than a couple of spoonfuls on their plate at once, but they put more after they finish their rice on their plate.

They use spoon and fork in general, and most food is already cut or easy to cut by using spoon edge. Chopsticks are, as well, used for eating noodle.


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