Normally, Thai funerals last for 5 days to a week, but recently it depends on the family finance status since preserving death body costs some money. By the way family and friends usually attend at least one of the first four nights. The final night before the funeral everyone who can gathers at the house of the deceased or a temple and pays their respects to the dead person. Monks attend and mourners give donations to the monks on that night

Copies of Buddhist scriptures may be printed and distributed in the name of the deceased, and gifts are usually given to a local temple. Monks are invited to chant prayers that are intended to provide merit for the deceased, as well as to provide protection against the possibility of the dead relative returning as a malicious spirit. A picture of the deceased from his/her best days will often be displayed next to the coffin. Often, a thread is connected to the corpse or coffin which is held by the chanting monks during their recitation; this thread is intended to transfer the merit of the monks' recitation to the deceased. The corpse is cremated, and the urn with the ash is usually kept in a chedi in the local temple. The Chinese minority however bury the deceased.


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