Foreigner can easily find a god with elephant head every where in Thailand most easily at Central World Palaza.

The God which can easily recognised with its elephant head and pot belly is called "Ganesh" He is the insignia of Fine Arts Department of Thailand and National theater.

Accodring to the legend, the reason why he has elephant head is following:

During Ganesh's topknot ceremony, Shiva was supposed to cut the child's hair. Rahu, mythical god of darkness, who was not invited, took revenge by blowing a strong wind. Due to the strong wind, Shiva's knife cut the head instead of the topknot. The Buddha helps to fix an elephant head on the beheaded body.

Ganesh is often linked to the field of arts. Craftsmen would invoke Ganesh before embarking on a delicate process like stone carving. He is also believed to be the god of good fortune, and revered by businessmen who wish for success in their ventures.


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